How To Choose The Right Online Casino

Choosing a physical casino is a completely different experience than choosing an online one. Often, people take advantage of their trips to destinations such as Las Vegas or Asia to enjoy, among other tourist attractions, their historic casinos. For online casinos, the choice is simpler and, at the same time more varied, since you can play from home, simply with your smartphone or tablet. Now, perhaps the following question will come to mind: How can I be sure of playing in an online casino? Reliable? A fundamental guarantee that the online casino must offer you, for example, is to have the pertinent licenses granted by the Government and regulated by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling. A casino certified by the DGOJ will be subject to a quality and safety control that will certify the safety of your money and your operations. Always make sure that the casino you play with is certified by the DGOJ, which offers you transparency and reliability, as well as exciting gaming experiences and special offers.

List of the most popular slot machines

There are plenty of online slot machines where you can put your new knowledge into practice on the best game strategies:

  • Starburst – one of the world’s most famous stellar-themed slots.
  • Bonanza: a classic slot machine with a high RTP of 96%.
  • Book of Oz: all the magic of the Wizard of Ozreflected in this fantasy slot machine
  • Gladiator: Road to Rome – embody the skin of a gladiator and win deserved freedom with this slot inspired by the famous movie.
  • Gonzo’s Quest: an ideal slot machine to follow the adventures of the Gonzo explorer in search of the riches of El Dorado.
  • Extra Chilli: Classic slot machine with a spicy design and irresistible appeal.
  • Age of Gods – An exciting slot machine inspired by the gods of classical mythology.
  • The haunted mansion: mysterious adventures await you, if you dare, of course.
  • Narcos: challenge the boss in this famous slot machine‚Ķ silver or lead?

All answers to frequently asked questions about slot machine strategies

Do slot machine strategies really work?

There is a fundamental principle to keep in mind when playing with slot machines: they are a form of entertainment, a game. As such, the main purpose of those who come into this world should be to have fun, not to make money quickly or easily with slot machines. The profit percentage of the machines is clearly expressed in the data provided in the RTP of each machine. That said, the strategies are aimed at getting the most out of each game, so even if the outcome is always unpredictable, they can still be helpful in improving your style of play and increasing the fun.

What are the strategies that are useless?

Given the complexity of the elements that characterize the game with slot machines, instead of considering some particular strategies unnecessary, it is easier to focus attention on which attitudes are not profitable when playing:

  • To play waiting for results after the first roll (especially after having exhausted the beginner’s famous luck);
  • Continuously change your strategy during the same game to obtain a better result; or
  • Focus only on the economic result, neglecting the fundamental side of the slot machines, the fun, and end up living a stressful and not at all satisfactory gaming experience.

All About The Strategies To Play Roulette

If you play often, you already know: strategy is essential in order to optimize your profits and get the most benefit from each game. This is also true for live roulette (and electronics). Initially, there are three main types of strategies:

  • The basic strategies (such as progressive and non-progressive bets)
  • Game systems (such as D’Alambert and Fibonacci)
  • Advanced strategies such as dealer knowledge and predictive play

In order to help you improve more and more, level up and maximize your earnings. The Roulette Guide explores all the best strategies, from the easiest to the most complex, perfect for professional players, so you can learn to play in the best and most effective way.

The basic roulette strategy

The progressive strategy is the one that marks the starting point for many roulette players. When playing, it is always good to carry out a plan for your bets: in this case, the strategy you can follow was devised by John Henry Martingale, a casino magnate who lived in the late 19th century.

The Martingale system strategy is based on making a bet with 2 odds on the external sections of the wheel, which pay 1 to 1: if it is lost, the bet must be doubled each time until that much-desired victory arrives.

Roulette systems and their effectiveness

In addition to various statistical and probability hints, each game system brings with it some specific notions about the dynamics that should be followed during games. We ¬†explains how the most famous gaming systems work: from Martingale to Martingale backward, from Paroli to D’Alambert, going through Fibonacci to the fixed 9 system, or the James Bond system, invented by the author of the famous agent’s books secret Ian Fleming. In fact, the writer explains how to win at roulette thanks to his system, so much so that it has become a really accepted strategy.

The advanced roulette strategy

When the going gets tough, the tough start to play: Advanced game strategies for playing roulette include internal and external bets, but also compelling and detailed elements to study with dedication. Some examples? It is possible to focus on factors such as knowledge of the “dealer’s signature” (that is, the dealer’s hand) and analysis of the “wheel bias” (that is, the variation/deviation of the wheel), but also the application of the “visual ballistic,” that is, the predictive game, thanks to which it is possible to “predict” the result of the round by studying the deceleration of the ball and other details that true fans immediately grasp.

The game of roulette is accompanied by a series of typical expressions, of French origin, intended to guide the game and track progress during games. An example of a specific roulette language: “faites vos jeux,” which corresponds to Spanish “place your bets,” is a phrase that the dealer announces to indicate the opening of the table and the availability to start a new game.…